Wii Remote + nunchuk

  • 4.990 kr

Remote fjarstýring og nunchuk fjarstýring saman í pakk, gúmmíhulstur og armband fylgja.

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Product features:
The WII handle is suitable for Wii game. It connects the host computer via Bluetooth. With motion plus you can fully enjoy the game.
The built-in CMOS sensor can detect the infrared light and the 3D motion operation.
Easy operation with the well-designed buttons. Press “Home” to get back to the main menu. You can finish all the operations without leaving your game place.
The Mii image can be stored with the 4KB memory.
The handle supports vibration and has a built-in speaker.

Electrical Specifications
• Operation Voltage: 2.3 - 3.0V
• Operation Current: 80mA ± 10mA
• Sleep Current: 400uA ± 100uA
• Qualitative Change Use Distance: 50cm - 6m (according to sensitivity changes)
• Sound Use Distance Range: 6m (In the condition of no obstacles)
• Power: 2 x AA Battery (not included)